food and tickets



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100 Stockton Ave, Okotoks, Alberta

ticket pricing

Adults : $8.50 + tax
Seniors (55 +):  $6.50 + tax

Children (13 and under) : $6.50 + tax
Kids (2 and under): Free

All matinees are $6.50 + tax

We are still spacing some seats out for people that arent quite ready to be surrounded by strangers.  Please take a look at our seating chart, the seat with the red “X” is an empty seat and will remain empty for your comfort.

food / concession

We’re open for popcorn pick up every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 5:00 – 8:00pm
Just pull up in front of the building and we’ll take your order and have it to you in minutes.
Cash is appreciated if you want service at your car. You may now come in to the building as well to pay with credit/debit. 
You may also pre-order large orders or hotdogs at if you want it hot and ready on arrival!
MENU: (GST is extra)
Small popcorn $6
Medium Popcorn $6.75
Large Popcorn $7.50
Butter $0.75
Seasoning $0.75 (dill, white cheddar, salt and vinegar, ketchup, sour cream and chive)
Kettle corn $7
Small Drink $4
Regular Drink $5
Large Drink $5.50
Coffee/Tea $2.50
Bottled Pop $4.50
Bottled Water $3.50
Small Candy $2.50
Regular Candy $3.50
Large Candy $4.50
Kiddie Combo $9
Small Combo $12
Regular Combo $14.25
Large Combo $21.50
Hotdog Combo $14.25
Nacho Combo $12.50
Hotdog $3
Chili cheese Dog $5 
Mini donuts $5
Nachos and cheese $5
Extra cheese $1.50
Tater Tots: $4 (with ketchup)
10″ Pizza:  $14 – pepperoni, hawaiian, 4 cheese, meatlover or buffalo chicken
spring rolls (4) with plum sauce: $6
Taquitos (chicken and cheese) (4): $6  (with salsa)
Dumplings – chicken (6): $6 (with soya sauce)
Mozza sticks (6):  $6 (with marinara)