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Okotoks Cinemas has been in Okotoks since 1996 and you won’t be surprised to learn that these are the original chairs and they have seen lots of seats.

We are looking to upgrade the seating to give our valued patrons (you!) a more comfortable and enjoyable movie going experience.

As you may imagine, it has been a tough year for us all and making a change like this can require a large number of resources. Having been closed for so long our ability to finance improvements is limited, like many other businesses. We hope to emerge from the pandemic as a stronger and more comfortable place for residents of Okotoks to enjoy movies.

It is for this reason that we are appealing to those in our community that are able to help, to join our fundraising program. We are offering these options for those that wish to help, detailed below.



Buy a Seat!


Individual +

Seat 4 Life!



($3480 Value)


Business +

($30,000 Value)


VIP seats

VIP Seats

These are the seats we want for our VIP's. Check them out!

Rocker Back Seats

Rocker Back Seats

These are the new rocker back seats that we want! Check them out!

Details, Terms, and Conditions

Individual Packages:
The Individual+ Package ($1500) and the Individual Package ($400) are both available for use 7 days a week. It is meant for the purchaser only but will be accepted for same household use. It will only admit one person per show. The Individual+ package ($1500) is valid as long as Okotoks Cinemas is in business and comes with 1 popcorn and pop (any size) for each visit. The Individual package ($400) is valid for 1 year and will get you a 15% discount on concession for each visit. Discount can be used for whatever is being purchased, including what you might be purchasing for a spouse or other guest.

Business Packages:


VIP seats are the recliner series and will be in 3 rows of the theatre.
Your advertising will be on two seats chosen by you.
You will be able to reserve seats to any show in any theatre, Sunday thru Thursday, by emailing us your selected day, time and movie 24 hours prior to the showing at No specific seat can be guaranteed but you will get a VIP seat. Ticket holders (Yourself or whoever you have gifted your 2 seats) can sit in the reserved seats or swap for other preferred seats based on availability when they come to claim their tickets. No card will be required, it will be treated like a “will call”. Ticketholders will come and say the name of your business and will be given their tickets, popcorn and pop and be granted admission.

Advertising idea: use these free passes to advertise your business on social media “I’ve got 2 tickets to Avengers this Wednesday night with free concession if you share this post”

Seat Advertising:  Background is black. Ad will be in colour and can include one logo and a website, slogan or phone number. Seat covers will have logo on front and back so it can be viewed from all angles. Seat covers will be rotated monthly in the top half of the theatre to maximize customer exposure. Covers are made from durable, washable cloth and logo is embroidered onto material. Size of ad is approximately 11 x 7 inches on each side of the seat.

On screen advertising: Pre-show starts 30 min before showtime and rotates ads through a 6-7 min cycle allowing your ad to reach customers in both theatres 2-4 times before each showtime. Ads must be created by you and can be a still image, or 15-30 second video. We can connect you with a local videographer if you need help creating your video.

1 annual theatre rental: Theatre rentals can be used for customer appreciation, staff parties, AGM, or any private showing of your choice. You have the option if watching one of our feature films or bringing your own movie on dvd or blueray. Up to 140 guests, concession items are extra.

Viewing numbers for your advertisements:
Covid-19 has put a dent in our viewing numbers but they are slowly returning to normal especially since new movies are starting to be released. Based on current projections, Spring and Summer 2021 will have blockbuster after blockbuster being released. Top Gun, James Bond, Ghostbusters, Kingsmen 3, Matrix 4, Sing 2 and so many more which is why we will offer you our Spring 2019 viewing numbers to give you an idea of the number of guests your ads will reach each month. However, we do anticipate even bigger audiences when we have our new chairs so even these numbers are modest.

Month and # of Guests
April 2866
May 3500
June 2486

What this tells us is that your ad is being viewed by this many people on a screen up to 3-4 times before their movie starts. They have nowhere to go and nowhere else to look and you have their full attention! We always try to have an adult movie and a family movie so you are hitting a variety of demographics.

Time Projection: Seats take 6 weeks for delivery. After 1 month of hard campaigning we plan to order and install. A safe projection for us is 3 months from your investment to new chairs ready for use. However, you can use your benefits right now! Your ad can go on the big screen as soon as you have it ready and we will put your ads on our current seats saying that your business has invested in Okotoks Cinemas.